My Tire Skin
Tire Lettering Service

Full Service

    My Tire Skin Manufactures and applies custom white, rubber lettering/messages to the tires of cars, trucks and motorcycles . We offer a full tire applique service for your vehicle's tires to you, your clients, your employees or sub contractors. We are able to quickly produce white, rubber lettering that perfectly fit your vehicle's tires that are resistant to UV rays, oil and brake dust. We can recommend the size of the lettering and customize the arc to fit your specific tire size. Not only do we produce the rubber lettering in house, we apply them to your tires while you wait! Our product is NOT made of vinyl or "paint on" lettering. It is a multi-layered rubber that looks as if it were made from and molded onto the tire from the tire manufacturer. My Tire Skin is considered permanent so there is no maintenance to this one of a kind auto accessory. If you have a miss-hap with a curb and need a retouch, bring it in; we have all the tools, equipment, adhesives and solvents to get you looking like new. We offer over 100 letter styles and size combinations from which you can choose. If your company logo has a specific font and style, we will do our best to match it or better yet, you can email it to us for an exact replica to be produced on your vehicle's tires. EASY!

    My Tire Skin™ is a one of a kind applique that we design together and can be used on any type of vehicles' rubber tires. Think of your daily driver, work cars, work trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, weekend cars. Vary your message depending on what car you want to install it on. If you want to change the message or go back to boring black tires, simply have a tire shop flip the tires so your message faces inward instead of to the world. EASY!